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We offer a full range of support services for our clients that covers everything from e-mail and hardware support to remote network monitoring and security with scalable solutions that grow with your needs and always put your privacy and security first.

Information data security is of paramount importance to all customers large, medium or small. We offer solutions that will help you stay productive in a safe and secure way.
* Firewall, VPN and Intrusion Detection Systems
* Antivirus Products
* O/S and System Vulnerability Analysis Tools
* Authentication Products
* Physical and Network Access Controls
* Network / System Vulnerability Assessment (Audit) Services
* Disaster recovery and contingency planning

We specialize in Client-Server Database Driven Applications, Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions and Multi-Tier Development. We work with State of the Art Technologies, bringing you the most up to date solutions.
We use the only the latest tools and technologies to give you solutions that meet or exceed all the requirements and expectations of the today's technology. We make sure that our applications are low maintenance, on time, well documented and easily supported in the future. Here is only a small set of tools and technologies that we currently use to deliver the best possible solutions. 

* Visual Basic / Visual C++
* Java
* Microsoft SQL Server
* Oracle
* Asp, ASP.net
* VB Script / Java Script / HTML /CGI Scripts
* MS Office Automation (Excel, Access, Word)
* Unix / Linux
* Active Directory Tools
* Notes (Domino)

* Dynamics GP
* Dynamics SL
* Dynamics NAV
* Adempiere
* SBT/ACCPAC Vision Point/Pro Series

* Website design, layout and consulting
* Content Management Solutions
* E-Business Setup and marketing of your products
* Database Integration
* Content Management, online reporting
* System Integration and training
* Flash programming and design

We offer IT Outsourcing solutions for companies that are looking for an easy way to manage their IT infrastructure and internal support. No matter what business you are on, IT has become an essential task in the day to day operation of your business. Statistically, over 82% of the IT budget is dedicated just to keep systems running, maintaining servers, and customer support. By creating a strategic relationship with our clients, we can help them grow and focus their efforts in running their business while minimizing their overall IT expenditure.
Each company is unique, has different applications, infrastructure, support needs, demands, and environmental challenges so they require a customized approach. To establish the proper IT Outsourcing fit with each client we first analyze their current situation, hardware and software needs, and their business and operating requirements to determine the proper IT Outsourcing implementation. With each Outsourcing engagement we provide Service Level Agreements to ensure the quality of our services is provided and measured.
* Customer Support
* Desktop and Server Management
* Data Security
* Networking
* Server and Application remote monitoring
* Data Center Outsourcing 

Security Systems CCTV
We provide rea time monitoring, local or via your mobile device
•HD Video Surveillance
•Advanced DVR System
•Mobile connectivity
•Reduce Cost and Risk
•Prevent and Deter Crime
•Fool-Proof Coverage
•Prevent Safety Incidents   

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